This is gonna be another deeply personal post. But let’s face it – the best way to get to know somebody is to learn something about their life. That’s what this is gonna be about.

16 years ago, on July 13th 2004, my first musical hero, who introduced guitar into my life and later became a friend, suddenly passed away. And my heart was broken. Karel Zich, often called Czech Elvis Presley, was a singer and guitarist who played 12string guitar. I fell in love with that guitar from the first listen. Such a gorgeous sound and Karel was a true master in playing it.

But you don’t become friends with your heroes every day, do you? Who knows me is well aware I’m an outgoing person but when I admire somebody like I did admire Karel, it takes a while. He was an incredibly kind and generous soul, always wearing the heart on his sleeve. One of those people whose talent speaks for themselves.

Karel’s passing hit me way harder than I could have imagined. It breaks my heart I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. But you know what? Maybe a part of me is glad I did not. And had to find my own way to process the loss.

It took me long time to come to terms with his sudden death but  he’s forever got a place in my heart. And I’ll never forget what he did for me…