It’s been quite some time since I posted an update here. Those  subscribed to my mailing list are somewhat aware of what I’m up to. But for the rest of the world:

I’m very excited to be releasing the third single from my forthcoming debut album. The single is called “Funeral of Life” and comes out on the 21st of september. It’s about adapting to whatever life throws at us. Its arrangement is a bit different from anything I’ve done to date so there’s a little surprise for you. I love the oriental vibe, courtesy of my good friend Daryl Ball, a musician himself, whom you might remember for creating that gorgeous lyric video for “The Book of Your Life”. He plays an instrument called strumstick dulcimer on the new release and truly makes the song what it is. Lyrically, this is probably one of the newest, if not the newest track on the album, written during the first lockdown in March 2020. This is gonna be my last release of this year and I am already excited to share it!

In other news, two thirds of my debut album „Journey of the Soul“ are finished and the remaining bits are being worked on as we speak. A few people have asked me about the release date. Too soon to tell but I have an idea which seems doable but we will see as we go along. It has been a dreamy process and you are in for a treat!

artwork: Victoria Shalonis